Change CSS images URLs

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I am pretty new to the bower/gulp system and there is some mysterious things around this for me, I must admit.

So, I load jQuery UI (js and CSS) through bower.json and move JS/CSS/Images with those lines :

"jquery-ui": {
    "main": [

The problem I have is that the URLs used in jquery-ui.min.css still point to dist/styles/images/ in main.css. Is there a way to change this ?

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Oh and by the way, thanks for Sage, it is a great starter theme! :smile:

I think the idea is that you load just the jquery-ui package through bower, not the individual files. That way bower knows where to find the parts it needs.

Like this:


Thanks for the answer!

So, if I understand it correctly, I just have to do this:

bower install --save jquery-ui 

It was what I started to do first, but the problem is that no css were included somehow in main.css and main.scss were unchanged. That’s why I tried with overrides. Now jQuery UI css is available but the images cannot be found. Maybe there is something that I didn’t understand !

There are packages which don’t always work as expected, and I’ve had to do some fiddling. I think you need to run gulp to get the files to process and save - after that you should see the js and css files in the dist folder.

@austin provides some really great troubleshooting steps in this thread, they really helped me when I was struggling with this:

Many thanks for the answer!
I will take at this thread and see if I can do something ! :smile:

can you post the solution to this problem? :smiley:
I am facing the exact same thing… for the last 2 hours now :frowning: