Change resources directory

Hi, I want to take the files from the resources/ directory to the root of the project, because I constantly face problems due to the structure of Sage 9:

PoEdit does not define it as a theme until you bring the style.css file to the root.

The .zip archive is also not installed because the index.php | functions.php | style.css files are not in the root of the theme

Can anyone have a solution to this?

Regarding moving resources/ to the theme root:

Regarding Poedit: Localization of Blade templates

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Thank you.

I read this post Localization of Blade templates, but the problem is not that PoEdit does not translate strings, but that it does not want to define Sage 9 as a WP theme, until it’s in the root of the style.css file as soon as this file appears in the root, PoEdit works fine with the settings from this post.

but about thanks again, I did the same thing only the filters did not delete, and could not understand why it does not work :slight_smile: