Change text domain

Hi there,

I’m new using Sage and I would like to know if there is any way to change the text-domain automatically.

text domain is ‘sage’ and I want to call it as my template name

<?php _e('Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.', 'sage'); ?>
<?php _e('Sorry, but the page you were trying to view does not exist.', 'my-template-name'); ?>

I could do a find-replace but I wonder if theres any way to do it automatically.

I’d apreciate any help.

Thank you


No it’s not possible automatically.

Given that the namespace’s name has zero effect on the functionality, it’s an odd request- can I ask why you want to do this?

Thanks for your response,

I know it has no effect on the functionality and it is probably a nonsense but the reason is:

WPML Plugin organize string translations by his text domain in the admin area. I just want WPML to show my theme name as domain name instead of ‘sage’. Thats all.



I do agree this could be included on the generator, to be honest it makes sense.
Also could be set to the theme dir name automatically.

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Hi, I’m new to sage and can’t believe this is the case. From the wordpress theme developers handbook:

“The text domain must match the slug of the theme. If your theme’s name My Theme is defined in the style.css or it is contained in a folder called my-theme the domain name should be my-theme. The text domain name must use dashes and not underscores and be lowercase.”

So not changing the text domain and leaving it as sage is bad practice basically.


This should be based on the theme’s name indeed, automatically.
Should we post a suggestion on and perhaps even fix it ?

Please open an issue at as this would not be modified in Sage itself

I don’t really see the need to open an issue for this. Most editors have a find/replace feature that’s easy enough to use (search: 'sage'), unless I’m missing something.

This only changes all strings to use your own Text Domain, but text domain recognized by translation plugins is still “sage”. An example from WPML:

Update: indeed changing all ‘sage’ occurrences and updating/scanning the theme again, TextDomain also changed to my custom one. It seems it’s automatic, without loading textdomain via load_textdomain() or anything.