Change WP uploads directory in Bedrock


I’d like to change the uploads directory of a Bedrock project from web/app/uploads/ to web/app/uploads/dist.

What would be the best way to do it that is in line with Bedrock philosophy?

I’ve tried adding this directive to application.php:
define('UPLOADS', CONTENT_DIR . '/uploads/dist');
This would not work. The directory that the server reads is then:

Also, as a side question, would it be possible to change the uploads of user-submitted media files to web/app/uploads/dist while having other plugins drop their files in the usual web/app/uploads/.

I’m think here about plugins such as js_compose, reduic, woocommerce that use the UPLOADS directory to store different assets other than images.


This would be beyond the scope of what Bedrock does. Bedrock simply changes what is essentially wp-content to app, and in doing so keeps it outside of the wp folder.

Filtering where uploads go depending on where they come from would be a rather large task, as I assume most well written plugins would be using something like wp_handle_upload, if not using the WP media uploader itself.

I guess the probelm is that the UPLOADS constant that WordPress gives for our disposal is always relative to WP_SITEURL, and since this constant is <domain>/wp/ in Bedrock, trying to set UPLOADS will always result in incorrect uploads paths. Anyways, thanks for help @kalenjohnson!