Changing SASS options

I want to change the amount of decimal points after the period in scss using the --precision option. Any idea on where I should ideally do that?

Here should work:

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Hey @knowler, thank you very much! Do I have to include that in the webpack.config.optimize.js and files as well, if I want that option everywhere? Or is the config enough as long as its not overwritten somewhere else?

Just webpack.config.js since it is the base config. The watch config only runs during live development and optimize on a production build. They just add a few tasks.

You can run some tests to see if there is a difference between build and build:production, however, I do know from experience that cssnano will preserve the decimal length.

Ah, thanks for claryfing that. It works.

I have created (and am creating) a system in sass for typography and vertical rhythm that utilizes musical composition, and need many decimal numbers as musical intervals can get quite messy and I have to convert a lot from px to rem. Thanks a lot for helping!


That’s so cool. I’ve been trying something similar with Tailwind. Since its config is all JS, I can set the type + spacing scales with a function. I would like to do something similar with color.