Chart.js rendering issue in IE and Edge


I have a custom route related to a specific blog post where I load in chart.js and make a simple line chart with the data being a JS object of float values (2.22, 4.22), etc.

The chart renders fine on Chrome, however when I check the post in IE/Edge, I get this error “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘getRootNode’”.

Not quite sure if this error is introduced from the way webpack optimises the code for a build or if there is a polyfill required.

Has anyone come across something like this before?

The first result on google for chart.js Object doesn’t support property or method ‘getRootNode’ is this:

Did that not work for you?

Thank you very much indeed, it was an issue with version 2.9.1, updating to 2.9.2 did the trick!