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CheckoutWC Roots Sage Not Working

I’m using this plugin with WooCommerce.

Now, the issue is, when I try to ovveride the templates, as mentioned here: Template Files - CheckoutWC Knowledge Base , it doesn’t work.

I had the same issue with WooCommerce, and for that I had to install a special package made by some user, called ‘generoi/sage-woocommerce’.

I’m wondering, if the reason I can’t modify checkoutWC is because of sage compatibility issues? Does someone need to create some code for that to work, to be able to ovveride files? I feel like this is a serious issue if that’s the case.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong though.

This is how it looks in the editor, I put the checkout-wc in two places, and none works to ovveride the files

If you want to use the Sage Blade templates you need something like generoi/sage-woocommerce.

If you don’t, you can use simple php files in the checkout-wc/ folder. Just place it right in your main theme folder. Did you try that?

Appreciate the answer, but did you read what I wrote? I’ve answered your question in my question.

You said

I put the checkout-wc in two places, and none works to ovveride the files

That two places doesn’t make clear where you tried. What I’m asking is if you tried to put the folder at the same level as the resources folder, not inside it.

Hope I’m clear enough ;D

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Check the screenshot above, the sidebar its shows where they are.

Do you need blade to render the templates? If not, carlosfaria’s suggestion to move checkout-wc outside of the resources/views directory and into your main theme folder is probably the quickest solution.

If you need blade to render the templates, here’s another thread related to the Events Calendar that might give you some ideas The Events Calendar and Sage 9 (blade)

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That’s why I’m asking you. The screenshot shows that you placed the checkout-wc inside the resources folder. I’m telling you to place it outside resources…

Can’t help you out if you don’t understand it, sorry ;D

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