Circle CI Deployment

I’m new to Sage and my current workflow is pretty simple. We work locally and push to our dev server, hosted on Pantheon.

I’ve used other themes with build steps to compile assets and have lived with the occasional git conflict. But I’d like to start using Ci and then use Github to host the code and then deploy to Pantheon while also compiling my assets. So the build process I’m looking for here is fairly straight forward. I just want to build assets in sage to start.

So, does anyone here do that or have any good repos or docs to reference? I’ve already set up my first Circle CI deploy to Pantheon. So the steps and config to build sage assets is what I’m after.

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Welcome to the Sage club! I usually use Gitlab to build Sage themes but I have used Circle CI before too. Let me see if I can rustle up the config.

@jamesfacts, you are a kind human being. Never forget that! And thanks.

I try! There are many kind humans on this forum. I refer to the Roots discourse all the time for both answers to specific questions and general programming philosophy / best practices. One bit of info that might be very relevant for you is that you’ll see a lot of discussions about the full Roots stack, with Bedrock and Trellis. You might be relieved to learn I usually work with managed hosts that don’t play nicely with that stack, and it’s perfectly convenient to run Sage without all the companion Roots software.

Back to CI… I’m afraid I couldn’t find the Circle CI config I had used with Sage. I only tested that once, on a project that never ended up launching. I do have the current Gitlab config I use to deploy Sage:

This config is only tested for Sage 9.0.9, I haven’t tried deploying any Sage 10 project yet




Hello @digisavvy - Have you had any luck setting up CI to build and push Sage to Pantheon?

I am seeking to do the same thing.

Thank you @jamesfacts for sharing your Gitlab configs.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated!

Sadly, not yet. I’m getting back to work on this next week, hopefully I’ll have an update then.

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