ClassicPress - WordPress without Gutenberg


due to global changes with Wordpress 5.0, thats not so far from day X, and new Editor called “Gutenberg” i would love to suggest a new project called ClassicPress (without Gutenberg and React). I’m truly believe there are a lot of people who hate Gutenberg and do not want to use it with Wordpress ever… Lets discuss any ways including ClassicPress.


There is a classic editor plugin you can install to continue using it. Isn’t that the simplest solution for you?

Gutenberg will be included in Wordpress core since the v5.0, but yes today with 4.9 branch we have plugins to solve this issue…

As far as I understand the classic plugin will also work with WP >5.0
The feedback to Gutenberg was very diverse and many developers want to continue with the old editor. Please double check but I would say: Sit back and relax, there will be suitable solution for the TinyMCE lovers.

An interesting thought and description about the “ClassicPress” fork: