Clean Root Theme seems not use transition.js - Modals etc have no animation

Locally, I have a Clean Root Theme which seems to not make use of transition.js - Modals etc have no animations. alerts aren’t smooth

Also here’s a tester page I hacked together with the same issue
Here you will notice nothing on the page has transitions (that I can see) - see the big blue modal button.

May I suggest the roots outta the box has all the functions that bootstrap has already working and a sample page to show it? This would be very useful and speed production up for people unfamiliar with Roots and needing to get going quickly without having to hunt down why certain functions are not already complied.

All of Bootstrap’s components (Javascript and LESS) are included in Roots and are automatically compiled when Grunt is run. So if you haven’t removed it, it’s there. The demo site doesn’t showcase all the Bootstrap elements because it’s far better to use the official Bootstrap site for docs/markup.

The tester page you linked to has transitions compiled, so it’s more likely the multitude of plugins you have installed and the console errors that are preventing the transitions from working. Try fixing the console errors first, then try disabling the plugins until you’ve found whatever is clashing.

@Foxaii By George you were right!! The Fancybox plug was killing the baby. Nice tip on the errors. I’ve never noticed that function inside the element inspector. Thx for teaching me a lesson : )