Clean Trellis install with Vagrant on Mac Silicon throws network error


Spinning up a new Trellis install, using the Trellis CLI, Vagrant and Paralles Pro on a M1 Max Mac throws a network error.

After running trellis up I get:

There was an error while command execution. The command and stderr is shown below.

Command: ["/usr/local/bin/prlsrvctl", "net", "add", "vagrant-vnet0", "--type", "host-only"]

Stderr: Failed to add Virtual Network vagrant-vnet0: The specified values for the "vagrant-vnet0" network conflict with your Mac’s network settings and won’t be applied. Please correct virtual network settings and try again.

exit status 1

At first I thought it’s an issue with existing vnets, but the vagrant and Parallels installs are freshly new.

Running /usr/local/bin/prlsrvctl net list

Network ID        Type      Bound To
Shared            shared
NAT server:

Wi-Fi (en0)       bridged   en0
Default           bridged   FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF

Any idea?