[closed] Wp theme developer for existing project on trellis&bedrock

contact: --removed–

We are looking for a Wordpress theme developer that can both deliver cross-browser & cross-device sofisticated UI&UX from provided design, and be independent in development flow, by working on our git repository for wordpress and devops codebases. With consolidated experience in git, cli, vagrant, php7, composer, ansible, ssh, ideally already working on trellis&bedrock. S/he will be working iteratively on feature branches and will need to be independent on integrating those and deploying them to pre-prod environments iterating with designer and pm, finally deploying each feature on production when ready.

The website will be composed by 5 responsive templates (with some recurrent UI elements)

desktop screens: https://invis.io/ZGMTFFMMVPW
mobile screens: https://invis.io/Z5MTFLN9PYG

•Header/Cover: it needs to be both a static image or a video; full height high; headline should be modified but it does not contain any link
•Article list: uploaded in chronological order, related to the 2 categories (journeys e guides); thumbs get from the articles the following elements: title, Location, Category, background image, article abstract.
•Wrap People; Abstract of the People page (see below). With always the presence of the main element and the last 3 uploaded elements.
•Next journeys: Object present just in the HP with the following elements manageable via cms: Title, Location, background image, Link address.
•Map; Every POI is a group of articles that share the same location. Every POI is a meta-category with his own page that contains a list of every article located in that area. The template of that page is the same of Articles list.
•Press: 3 boxes with the following elements manageable via cms: Logo/img; title; Link address. Every language could have its own featured articles.

•Header/Cover: it needs to be both a static image or a video; full height high;
•Title, Location, Category: they needs to be managed via CMS
•Author: thumb + author name + date of publication of the article
•Page content: all elements should be used and positioned in a flexible way in the page.
•Got in the mood? It is a banner that could be inserted independently in every article and it is managed via CMS (Title, background image, Link label, link)

Articles list:
Main list of all the articles in the blog (different categories).
Thunbs have all the same size. Thumbs get from the article the following elements: Titolo, Location, Category, background image, article abstract.

Travel ideas:
Page composed by some elements, manageable one by one via cms in a variable numerosity. Every element is composed by: Title; background image, link

Page composed by a list of updatable cards: the elements that need to be managed via cms are: image, name, bio, external link. All elements should be ordered arbitrarily.

There will be 2 more pages that will use the “articles list” template: •Journeys •Guides

Recurrent elements (all pages):
•Sticky header: the logo is resized, a semi opaque bar appear under the navigation.
•Sticky registration push: it appears after scrolling TBD pixel, opens the registration to the newsletter, preferably to be managed from Mailchimp. The element appears once per session, if the x is clicked, it should not be showed again.
The UI is indicative, if there are plugin that manage the function and they have a limited customization, let’s take them into consideration.
•Footer: the footer is the same in all pages and it present the main navigation elements (menu and language as in the header). It should be possible through the CMS to insert links to social media, to external pages (privacy + terms&conditions).


Hey Francesco,
what about the delivery? Timing? How the assets will be exported? (sketch / XD / ps etc).
Can we discuss a little? It looks interesting.

Feel free to pm me or reply here :slight_smile:

thanks for all the interest, we selected a provider we are proceeding with so we are not currently looking for other collaborators, thanks!