Command Not Found: WP


I have acorn installed on a Sage Theme (no Bedrock). I am trying to add WooCommerce Templating to Sage 10 and I saw throughout the forums that there are packages I can install and follow to make woocommerce work easily.

I am following the generoi/sage-woocommerce build and I have come up to a huge road block.

For some reason whenever I try to run wp acorn commands, my terminal comes back saying thet “Command Not Found: wp”

I have double checked and even followed the installation guide once more for acorn, and I cannot seem to get the WP CLI to register at all.

Has anyone come up against this problem and has a solution?

Do you have wp-cli installed? That probably should be listed as a server requirement because you can’t run any of the commands without it.

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That would probably do it. Since the docs said “Acorn comes INCLUDED with…” and then nowhere did it say to install WP-CLI I just did not think of that. Thank you for the clarification