Comment Plugin Recommendations?

Sage is what I’m utilizing as my Wordpress theme and I’m looking to upgrade the post commenting to something that allows people to use their social media accounts (Facebook, etc.) to comment.

Disqus is currently incompatible, and I’ve tried wpDiscuz, but it didn’t seem to hook in well with Sage.

Does anyone have a social commenting tool/plugin that they would recommend by chance? Or possibly an alternative? Thanks

You can make Disqus work w/ Sage, you just have to do it manually:

I haven’t used it, but Discourse has an official plugin for integration with WordPress: (Discourse is the software powering this forum).

@alwaysblank Thanks for the ideas!

I ended up utilizing wpDiscuz in the end however. The below enclosed way I included it into my project in content-single.blade.php isn’t ideal, but it works well for me.

    @php comments_template('wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/templates/comment/comment-form.php') @endphp
    @php comments_template('/partials/comments.blade.php') @endphp