Communication between ACF and SCSS

I find it curious that the world of stylesheets and “everything else” seem to be seperated by default in the roots stack (and most of wordpress development). Maybe I am misunderstanding something funademental, but that doesn’t seem to be the best possible way of doing things. Does that have to be necessarily so?

For example, I find it weird that many fundamental and also minor decisions regarding the style of the website have to be stored in the scss files. It would be much more convenient if they could be stored via ACF, and somehow ‘pulled’ into the scss.

I assume that Tailwind CSS (or PostCSS in general) are actually doing exactly this (and possibly much more), but I did not experiment with any yet. Are these the only options or is there a simpler, less “foundational” way?

IMHO styles should be coupled by using theme templates or adding theme specific tinyMCE styles. Later maybe as Gutenberg blocks. Also it is possible to add individual style files only for specific theme templates (HTTP2 should avoid performance penalties when multiple HTTP requests are involved).