Compiled icons Issue: Hash vs. No Hash

Hi everyone!
I’m struggling with a naming issue in my Progressive Web App.

  • I’m using to generate PWA files (service-worker, manifest, icons).
  • Icons are stored in a dedicated pwapp folder within the Ressources directory.
  • In bud.config.js , I’ve added assets(['images', 'pwapp']) to include these assets.
  • In jsconfig.json , I’ve configured paths with "@pwapp/*": ["pwapp/*"] .


  • While everything seems functional, the compiled icons in public/pwapp have hashnames (e.g., icon-72x72.987a2b.png ), but the generated manifest.bec9d2.json references icon paths without hashnames.


  • Is there a way to ensure the manifest uses the same file names as the compiled icons, avoiding the mismatch?

  • Are there any potential drawbacks to having different names in the manifest and the actual files?

  • How can i have a consistent naming scheme for PWA icons, ensuring the app functions correctly and displays icons as intended. ?

  • Can i disable hashnames for a specific folder (“pwapp” in my case) ?

I’m new to PWAs and Sage 10, so any guidance is appreciated.
Thank you for your help!

Fixed it by adding:

    from: app.path("@src/pwapp"),
    to: app.path("@dist/pwapp"),



Is there anything I should be aware of before proceeding with this method?