Compiling Issue

Hello, hope you guys can help.

I recently compiled my scss styles using gulp, deployed the dist folder to my stage server and for some reason now, the website is using or trying to use ‘bootstrap.scss’ for all of the website styles?!?!

Can any one help?

Many thanks,

You need to run gulp --production.

That said, I don’t see any 404s on the URL you provided and it’s not trying to load Sass. Are you talking about the sourcemaps? Run the production build and you’ll be good.

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Hey Ben,

Thanks so much for the reply.

I just tried deploying the production dist folder.

It now appears to be using the correct stylesheets but now my mobile menu isn’t working correctly.

Bizarrely, the mobile menu works on the live site but it now looks like it has the same bootstrap.scss issue.

I am so confused, i’ve done around 10 sites using sage/roots now and never seen this issue before and have no idea what is causing the issue.

Can you help?!?!


Mobile menu works for me?

Every time you push your theme up to a remote server that is not development you need to be running gulp --production. If your production site is referencing scss in the sourcemaps then you did not run the production build

Hi Ben,

Sorry by mobile menu, i mean the orange ‘Main Menu’.

On the live site, you will see it works but on the stage site it doesn’t?