Complete Beginner Questions

I’ve been developing Wordpress sites using MAMP and a blank theme for two years. I’ve tried Sage on a MAMP developed site and that seems simple enough.

I need help wrapping my head around Trellis/Bedrock.

  1. Trellis seems like installing a version of MAMP for every website I create, is that an accurate analogy?
  2. I’ve installed Trellis and cloned the example theme. It’s 285MB! Is every site I make going to be this large?
  3. Would it be okay to clone the example project for each new project, or is it better to start with a blank project each time?
  4. Once the blank/example site is setup in Bedrock/Trellis, it should be possible to migrate the database, uploads and themes from an existing site just like any Wordpress site right?

I think that’s all my questions for now…

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  1. Yes, that’s a good analogy.
  2. Did you run npm install? That’s the only thing I can think of that would make it that big. The repos on their own are just a couple of MB.
  3. You can start with the example project, or develop your own fork of it which has customizations.
  4. Yes, correct

Yeah I needed npm install for Sage, right? So it’s the theme that’s so huge?

Next question, so once deployed, how do you keep Wordpress database/uploads in sync? If I re-deploy, does it overwrite all the uploads on the live server?

No it’s all the node_modules created with npm install needed for the build processes in Sage that are so huge all together. You don’t need them on your production server.

Got it.

But I’ll still have a copy of all those node_modules in every development site on my local machine right?


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The next part I can’t really get my head around is how to continue to work on the live and development websites. Since deploying doesn’t seem to deploy the themes, uploads or the database.

If there’s any guides on this part of the process I’d love a link.

Please search this forum for topics about database syncing. It’s been covered many times.