Completely new to Wordpress Development. Where to start?

I’ve been told that the Roots system (Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage) is a really fantastic way of developing wordpress websites. I’ve never deveolped wordpress themes before, but I have a decent knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS. Is Roots an okay place to start for WP development? The docs seem to be going over my head, so I’m not having much luck there. What’s the best way to dive in and learn all of this?


U need to understand how WordPress work before, and then Sage will become pretty easy :slight_smile:

For me this book it was essential.

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The Wordpress Codex is your first port of call.

Set up a local environment and install wordpress, play around, look at the file structure.

tip: wp-content is where you work. the others are ‘core’ you DO NOT edit these by hand.

Look up how the Theme Hierarchy works.

Make a custom post type and get it to display.

Create a child theme of a stock theme and see what you can do.

Once you have made something and can state of the top of your head what every file in a basic theme does…then look at Sage’s documentation

Then pull down Sage, add it, and repeat above. Sage does not rewrite the Theme Hierarchy. It just expands on it and keeps everything DRY.

After that check out Bedrock and Trellis

Have fun!

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I’d suggest course. Zac does a great job going through all the things you need to know.

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