'composer_authentications' is undefined

I’m no longer able to vagrant up successfully. Just started happening today. I updated trellis to the latest version, but no matter what I do I get the below error about composer_auth not being defined. Has anyone else seen this?>

System info:
  Ansible 2.8.11; Vagrant 2.2.7; Linux
  Trellis version (per changelog): "Remove prestissimo for Composer 2.0 support"
'composer_authentications' is undefined
fatal: [default]: FAILED! => {}

Was able to temporarily resolve by commenting out the entire trellis/roles/wordpress-install/tasks/composer-authentications.yml file, since I didn’t need any authentications. Would still like to know if there is a better solution out there.

Check whether your Trellis installation indeed got all the required config fields:


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