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Composer install fails for external packages — curl error 60, local SSL cert issue


I’ve been stuck for the past week, as I have a few premium WP plugins hosted on my external server and after bringing up Trellis (1.8.0)/Bedrock (1.15.3) to the latest version — have not been able to run composer install successfully without encountering the following error:

Installing dependencies from lock file (including require-dev)
Verifying lock file contents can be installed on current platform.
Package operations: 1 install, 0 updates, 0 removals
  - Downloading artshostak/woocommerce-zapier (dev-trunk)
  - Downloading artshostak/woocommerce-zapier (dev-trunk)
  - Downloading artshostak/woocommerce-zapier (dev-trunk)
  - Downloading artshostak/woocommerce-zapier (dev-trunk)

  curl error 60 while downloading SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

This is the line item entry:
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 11.03.07 AM

Anything hosted on that server fails for me, while other “zip” type packages go through fine. I’ve followed up this error and tried doing all the suggested solutions, such as specifying a “cafile” cert directly in the php.ini file, as well as completely nuking the setup and starting over. Another developer, running the exact same setup, except that I am on Big Sur MacOS and they are behind, has absolutely no issue.

Any insight or possible suggestions would mean a great deal at this time and would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: Its certificate is indeed signed by the Let’s Encrypt CA. But it is not recognized as trusted by the *nix system (I use WSL 2).

OK, so it seems that the HTTP server isn’t properly configured, an intermediate cert chain is missing, hence only some clients like Google Chrome browser would accept it.

I think you’re absolutely right about this being a Let’sencrypt issue on the server end.
Thanks @strarsis, I’ll bring up my personal site where these packages are hosted to see if that resolves it, appreciate the quick response here!

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