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I use a Wordpress installation in French & based on Roots. I noticed that the installation of plugins via composer (ACF, CPT UI, Yoast SEO, …) does not copy the translations of the concerned plugins in the languages/plugins folder, and therefore the plugins are not translated on the administration interface.
An installation of the plugins via the Wordpress interface make translations works as excepted.

Is this behavior normal? How to make the translations of these plugins visible on the frontend?


Hello Striffly!
I believe you have 2 options :

  • in the development environment, update translations (WordPress should show you a notification, but only in development), commit them on your host and deploy;
  • or use a plugin that fetches them for you.

Hope that helps

Hi Dinghy, thank you for your answer

  • On a clean install of Roots (development environment), define translations seems to only work for WP, not for plugins. Do you do any particular manipulation to achieve this?
  • What an awesome plugin ! Unfortunately it doesn’t actually work with paid plugins & satispress repositories, which are a big part of the plugins I use.

It seems to only work for plugins installed from packagist. Did you make sure that the slug of the plugin as installed by Composer (your_repo/plugin_slug) corresponds to the one available in > Language > Plugins?
If there is no translations available on these sites, I believe there is simply none.

Only translations for packagist plugins are availables. Paid plugins like WP Migrate & my SatisPress repo are “custom” repos, so it’s normal that translations for theses plugins are not available.
Why use the wordpress repo to get the translations, when they are available in the plugin folders? I haven’t found any libraries that allow you to retrieve them this way.

This may also be interesting:

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I have the same problems with wp-cli as with previous solutions: wordpress translations and public plugins are downloaded, but paid / satispress plugins translations are not.

So when the WP-CLI approach fails to download translations for the premium plugins,
WordPress doesn’t see these translations/can’t find them.
Are those premium plugin translations available by some external URL or repository?

It doesn’t seem to be the case for the plugins I use (ACF Pro, Formidable Forms Pro). However, the files are present in the source of each plugin (“languages” folder for Formidable, “lang” folder for ACF)

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