Composer not installing all packages when deploying

Im trying to include a theme from specifically bootscore and other plugins from packagist. I installed them via composer using
composer require bootscore/bootscore && etc
When I deploy my production server these themes and plugins are not included. How do I get them to include upon deployment to production? Sorry about the basic question.

You’ll have to share your composer.json file. From what I can tell, bootscore doesn’t specify a package type in their composer.json more than likely causing it to not install it as a wordpress-theme.

You will have to manually specify the package in your Bedrock’s composer file here.

"web/app/themes/{$name}/": ["type:wordpress-theme", "bootscore/bootscore"]

As far as “other plugins” go - are you using wpackagist to install them? If so, they should install as a normal plugin without any other steps being necessary.