Confused about the role of bedrock-ansible's group_vars

Thanks for making such awesome WordPress development tools :smile:

I’ve created a new project following the roots-example-project. I’m confused about some of the settings in group_vars/* and how they relate to the project.

  • What does repo: do if ansible and bedrock are in the same repo? Is it unecessary?
  • Where should I configure my enviroment? In the env: section of group_vars/* or in a site/.env file? Which settings take precedence?
  1. repo is only used for deployments. That’s the repository that is cloned/pulled onto the server. So it’s necessary if you’re using our deployment script.
  2. Always configure your env vars in group_vars. The actual .env file is generated from those. So if you modify .env file itself it would be overwritten on next run.
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