Connecting Wordpress to Google Cloud SQL or other Remote DB

Hey Everybody, I am trying to develop a wordpress site with multiple developers developing locally

I want to set the db to a remote SQL database. I have setup a Google Cloud DB and authorised the IP address all the developers are working from as well as set the DB_HOST to the IP address of the Google Cloud SQL DB with no joy.

Can anyone please provide any advice on how I could use a remote database to service local development where two or more developers are working on the same repo.

What does “no joy” mean?

You’d also need to make sure your DB works with the default user + name that Trellis uses or set your own custom db_user and db_name.


Hi sorry for the late reply I didn’t know that anyone had replied.

First to the most important “no joy” just means it is not not working and not bringing me joy.

I am just using a local db on Mamp Pro at the moment just to get things running but I would like to get Wordpress working from a remote database or at lease syncing on a regular basis to a local database.

Also I am not using Trellis as the moment… just taking the learning curve a bit at a time.

I meant what exactly does “not working” mean? That doesn’t help us troubleshoot or debug the issue.

If you are only using Bedrock, then you’d use a remote database however you normally would in WordPress but the DB settings are in .env and not your WP config.

It simply was providing a connection error that I didn’t think it should. The setup up no longer, so I can not provide you with the specific error message. That said, I would like to try it again in the future as I believe that it will reduce the time to live “with content” for site development.

I was trying to have my local development environment edition connect to a remote database which the client was able to connect to via a UAT/ stage version that was pulling from the servers Git repo that I was pushing my local repo to.

So in essence, the client would be able to update content while I was still working on the site and that the content would display locally.

I don’t believe it was a specific bedrock related issue, I was trying to find advice from anyone if they had created this type of setup.