Consultant Wanted: Speed Improvement

We, at Itineris, are having performance issues on some of our recent projects (Bedrock + Sage + Beaver Builder + ACF + Kinsta) and seeking a developer who can help us identifying the issues.

What will you do?

Profiling/measuring/identifying what make the sites slow and provide possible solutions.
Rather than writing code for us., you will teach us writting better code.

Where will you work?

Anywhere in the world.

When will you work?

Any timezone you want.

How often will you work?

This is a one-off task.

How to apply?

DM @tangrufus


Several candidates asked for more info:

We are looking for consultants to teach us improving time to first byte, especially when editors updating/publishing posts.
From my investigations, ACF, Beaver Builder, our custom implementations account for most of the time to first byte.
We are looking for ways to improve them.

Although the following techniques helps performance, we are focusing on the time to first byte but not these areas:

  • offloading media files
  • CDN
  • caching (object caches, page caches, etc)
  • using custom DB tables

Limitation - The sites are hosted on Kinsta where we don’t have sudo privileges.

Please show us you are the best among other candidates:

  • case studies of previous jobs
  • projects (plugins, packages, any kind of code) that shows you have relevant experience
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With Attention: Users replying to jobs threads, let’s do this again.

Please include your experiences with Trellis, Bedrock and Sage when applying.