Contact Form 7 success (only) popup in modal (lightbox)

Does anyone know how to make the confirmation messages from Contact Form 7 forms show up in a light box? Showing the entire form in a light box seems easy enough with a plugin like Form Lightbox, but I don’t want the form itself in a light box - just the successful submission message.

I’m on Wordpress 3.6 with the latest build of Roots that includes Bootstrap 3.

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If I understand you corectly, take a look in bootstrap modal-s. No need for plugin just bootstarp.

I think you are understanding me correctly, but can you help me at all with how that is implemented with contact from 7? I’ve never done that before. Thank you!

Check this plugin out:

Nice!!! Thank you - this will be perfect!

If you wanted to do this without a plugin you can also add an event listener for the success trigger that comes standard with CF7, which is $(data.into).trigger('mailsent.wpcf7');

from line 116 in /wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/js/scripts.js

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This javascript is the quickest way IMO:

jQuery(".wpcf7-submit").click(function(event) {//IF THE SUBMIT IS PRESSED jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete(function() {//AJAX RESPONSES alert( jQuery(".wpcf7-response-output").html()); ALERTS THE OUTPUT }); });


i am trying same with gravity form but not working. can help somebody ?

You are using the jQuery specific to one plugin and blindly hoping it will work with a completely different plugin? This has absolutely nothing to do with Roots.

i am using this. i added in header, but wont work

jQuery("#gform_submit_button_1").click(function(event) {//IF THE SUBMIT IS PRESSED

jQuery( document ).ajaxComplete(function() {//AJAX RESPONSES

alert( jQuery("#gforms_confirmation_message").html()); ALERTS THE OUTPUT });});

But why are you asking on this forum? Gravity Forms has its own dedicated support for license holders.

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they dont support this. and i thought was open ticket for contact form 7 so i can ask. sorry

Contact form 7 popup message is good one plugin for lightbox message