Contract developer for a handful of from-scratch themes based on Roots - hopefully growing into more!

I’m an established (trading for 10 years) micro business specialising in WordPress websites and Laravel Web Apps.

It’s time to grow!

I’m looking to bring somebody on to work on sites on the WordPress side of things.

This could be an experienced developer who can crack on with minimal input from me, or a junior develoepr who would like mentoring, or somewhere in between.

The most important things are that we get along as humans, like delivering easy to maintain code and and share a drive to become better developers.

Tech Stack

  • WordPress, WooCommerce and carefully selected plugins.

  • Each project comes with a docker-compose file - familiarity with docker is useful but not essential.

  • Git, Pull Requests, SSH, automated testing (I love automating things) etc.

If you’re a compotent WordPress developer but only know the basics and would like to learn - I’m happy to mentor!

** Work **
I’m looking for somebody who has high standards for their code, loves following best practice and opinionated frameworks. I try to avoid reinventing the wheel because maintainability is really important.

Initially there are a few sites which need re-building from scratch - so a brand new Roots 10 project for you!

Specifically there are currently 3 sites in the pipeline to be completed by around July.

They’re mostly built in older versions of Sage. Some are fairly simple, some have more complex requirements.

** Pay **
Open hands here - we need to talk! I want to pay you well for the work and can’t invisage any problems there - but also need to be honest about my (lack of) experience in hiring somebody! I’ve only ever quoted/worked by myself, and I know working with other people introduces variables!

My business is stable and ready to grow, but the work may be sporadic/contract based/time limited initially.

Fancy coming with me on this journey? Get in touch! Send me a DM or email me at


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A request to those of you who contacted me about this!

I’ve suffered from some data loss from my mail provider and your emails have been lost, if you’re still interested/able to help please could you email me again!


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