Copy fonts vs loading from vendor directory

I am running bedrock / roots 7.0 using bower and grunt. I was a little irritated that the bootstrap glyphicons are loaded from the assets/vendor/bootstrap/fonts folder since then you have to upload the whole vendor-folder to the production server although most of the stuff is not needed there.

Wouldn’t it be better to copy fonts to assets/fonts directory and then load it from there?

My main question: What is the role of the vendor folder in general? Isn’t it supposed to be used only on the dev-machine?

Thanks in advance!


I understand your frustration with this.

One way to get around it (and is what I’m doing) is to upload those fonts to your assets/fonts directory from your Capistrano file.

You can then change the @icon-font-path in your _variables.less file.

Perhaps there are better ways, but this avoid putting files into your repo that’ll never change anyway.

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@christoph could you open an issue on GH about this? It’s a valid point and we eventually move over to Gulp it’s something we need to consider.

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Just thought I would revive this to see if any progress has been made.

It’s easy enough to add these lines to main.less:

@import "../vendor/fontawesome/less/font-awesome.less";
@fa-font-path: "../vendor/fontawesome/fonts";

…but we’re still left in the precarious situation of having to upload those assets to production a environment which defeats the purpose of package management with Bower in the first place, so I opened issue #1155.