Corrupted images in Roots 7.0.3 on ST2 save

Hello everyone,

Out of the blue, on a fresh download of Roots 7.0.3 I just noticed when saving an image in ST2 (upload on save for instance), the image is somehow getting corrupted. A png file goes from 3.7 KB to 410 bytes instantly upon save. This is occurring on png, ico, gif, jpgs and only from within a roots theme directory. Image files in other themes/folders are not affected.

Is this a roots config issue, something related running on my local setup, and ideas?

Thanks for any advice

The Roots 7.0.3 build process doesn’t touch image files, so I highly doubt this is a Roots issue. I’m assuming you mean Sublime Text 2? If so, why are you editing images in a text editor?

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Thanks Julien, that’s correct Sublime Text. I’m not editing images in it though, just using Sublime SFTP to upload file on save. Working with images this way has never been an issue before. I just tested on other project folders, themes, git directories, non-git directories—this only is occurring on my system in a roots-related directory which is why I posted here first.

I’m assuming it’s my system then, wondering if related to node or grunt as the other directories I tested do not run those. Grunt update or something?

Any advice is appreciated.

And apparently this is happening to my font files too, so any binary file is getting rewritten upon save in ST2 in a roots theme—and only a roots theme best I can tell. What?

Yeah, I’m really sorry you’re having issues, but I see no way that this is Roots related.

Can you isolate this by starting a new Roots install, or using a different code editor or FTP client?