Create an intro page to access a front page?


I’ve been trying to add a “splash screen” before my “front-page.php” page. It’s definitely a pain to do it but the person who wants it asked for it…
Anyway, is it possible to easily add a custom page that will show for about 4-5 seconds before redirecting to the static front page? (and i do not want to use a index.html page redirecting to wordpress into a sub-directory…)

Thanks in advance if any of you has an answer!


there are few ways you can go

  1. plugin - for example wp-splash-page, supports templates, commonly used for age verification / and / or other stuff you need, like warnings / sell something
  2. custom “popup” plugin, with 100%x100% width heigh overlay, and timeout in jquery.

My fastest idea is: create page in WP and assign it by custom template, this page will not be linked anywhere.

Than in combo jQuery, cookies just load this page and output to user as overlay to current page. Than just close it / remove that div

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I think i’m going to go with the custom template. There are no plugin that will allow me to put a random image with the current theme I’m using so it’s probably the best way to go!

One issue i think i’m going to encounter is that i want the user to end up on that “splash screen” everytime he access the root of the site and not any other pages. (ex:

Thanks a lot for your insight!