Create Bridge Network Virtualbox via vagrant


Using trellis cli / trellis setup on a newly installed Ubuntu 24.04 machine.

Everything is working well; however, manually, I am able to configure Virtualbox to use a bridge mode network setup and get an additional IP on my network so that the VM is accessible by all local pcs.

How should I edit the vagrant.default.yml to allow for this. Is there a:

      vagrant_config_vm_network: public_network
      vagrant_config_vm_network_mode: bridged

Or should I just edit the Vagrandfile directly and add what I want there using: "public_network", type: "bridged"

I have already added /etc/vbox/networks.conf and added allowance for my local /24 network.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I see that I need to use vagrant.local.yml to override defaults. However, I am still unsure what I would add to get the behavior that I need.

Is there any documentation specifically about vagrant yml options?


This would be a question for the Vagrant community, or a more general support forum. I’d recommend asking there; you’ll get better help.

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