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Critical Error - bindIf() on null in functions.php - Estatik MLS RETS Import

Hello Discourse,

I have installed a Real Estate MLS RETS plugin called Estatik Premium but when I added my RETS credentials and connected the account (to start importing the property listings), I received a critical error in the admin.

When I go back to my dashboard and click on Estatik > MLS RETS Import again, I see the same critical error but without the two “Notices” on the bottom of the screenshot. Those only appeared when I first connected the RETS profile.

I contacted Estatik about this error and they advised me to contact the theme support team.

This is critical code that the theme can not function without so how can this error be resolved?

->bindIf(‘config’, function () {
return new Config([
‘assets’ => require dirname(DIR).’/config/assets.php’,
‘theme’ => require dirname(DIR).’/config/theme.php’,
‘view’ => require dirname(DIR).’/config/view.php’,
}, true);

If anyone has any solutions or ideas to try, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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