Cron Job for Woocommerce Subscriptions


We are currently using trellis on our site that utilizes woocommerce and a subscription plugin. We are noticing our customers subscriptions are not automatically being renewed like they should. I spoke with the plugin developers and they said it is because WP-Cron enabled on out wordpress install.

To my understanding the WP-Cron is still running but by being called by a cron job created by trellis every 15mins? Is this not correct?

Anyhow i checked the php logs and after 300 seconds the plugin script is timing out therefore failing the subscription renewal. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this within trellis? Should i extend the php timeout, or edit the amount of time it takes to call WP-Cron within trellis (instead of 15 lower it to 5 mins) ?

Thanks in advance!

That’s correct.

Lowering it to 5 mins might not speed up the renewal task (or enough). You can definitely try that first but if it doesn’t help then yeah you’ll need to raise the execution time limit.

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The way trellis handles WP Cron actually worked fine out of the box with the Woocommerce Subscriptions plugin. There was actually an out of date plugin that was causing the conflict. I updated all my plugins to the latest version and it worked! For anyone else in the future that has this issue please make sure you check this first.

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