Cron job has literal ${WP_HOME}

Hey everyone, I’ve run into an odd problem. My cron jobs are not running on my trellis site. My cron job for my development/production sites contain this line:

*/15 * * * * vagrant curl -k -s ${WP_HOME}/wp/wp-cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

It seems like WP_HOME is not being correctly set in the cron file, so the cron job fails. Has anyone else run into an issue like this before?

Well that’s a bug! Mind opening an issue on the GitHub repo?

Having the same issue, have looked at Is there a simple way to fix this without updating all of trellis?

You can just apply the diff from

It’s only about 3-4 lines.

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For anyone following, this was solved by

thanks, easy enough! @swalkinshaw