CSS Sourcemaps and Firefox developer console not working

Hi all,

As per the title, my sourcemap is not working in Firefox (58.0.2) with Sage 9 with brosersync, it’s showing the source as something like blob:http://localhost:3000/2475ac50-d64a-124d-be13-48a9b10e36be obviously that’s not much use to me! In Chrome it’s fine though, I prefer to use Firefox for it’s dev tools though, so would ideally like to get this working for me. Does anyone have any ideas?? I’ve tried deleteing the cache files, the dist folder, but without any luck so far!

By the way, sourcemaps work fine in Firefox with yarn build - it’s specifically a yarn run start issue with browsersync

Much appreciated

Just bumping this as I haven’t found a solution yet and am still keen to if possible, any ideas anyone?