Custom page/template

Been reading over the information. But am still unclear so hope you folks out there can clarify for me.
Normally to create a custom page base on a custom template i would:

1.wp-admin> create page & assign the template.
2.editor/text editor> used index. page. save as “whatever” in .php “Template Name: Whatever” then customize it.

in Root…And am getting lost here…

  1. base-whatever.php would be a new wrapper (try not to do that)
  2. page-whatever.php would be a new page,
  3. go to: templates/content-whatever.php would be the new content.

Is this correct? how do I assign this new page, to the wp-admin page?

You’re overcomplicating things. Creating a custom page template in Sage (not ‘Root’) is the same as any other WordPress theme.

There’s even one already in Sage as an example.

Also, you don’t need to sign your posts —

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All right! progress.

  1. created in the root a page-exec.php
    "Template Name: Exec"

then I use

$page_posts = new WP_Query( array( 'tag' => 'exec' ) );

Is this correct. Seems to work.