Custom Post Type With Child pages gives 404 error

I have a CPT named Products. I wanted to create a separate child page of Products that doesn’t use the CPT template. So I created a page named “Products” and then added a child page called “Weather Sensors”. Now if I use pretty permalinks I get a 404 error. If I switch the permalinks back to plain it displays the page fine. I believe that is because it is using and ID instead of the Products Name. I want the Permalinks to display like If I make weather-sensors a parent and remove products the page will work fine but then the link would be It’s important I keep the same permalink structure for the breadcrumbs as well as the permalink structure. Can anyone help with this issue or know of any solutions I could use?

It sounds like you may be creating things that cause URL collisions, (i.e. your post type likely uses /products, so creating a page with the slug products conflicts with that) which could be causing 404s in some locations based on how WordPress resolves those conflicts internally.

This seems like a pretty general WordPress question rather than something that deals specifically with the Roots stack. Is there something specifically Roots-related that lead you to post your issue here? We try to keep the forums limited to issues related directly to our stack. For general WordPress questions you might try looking on the WordPress Stack Exchange.

I was building it in roots is why I posted here. Thanks for your response though. I will check stack exchange.

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