Custom sidebar for each post type in Sage


I was just wondering how I could make Sage displal a custom sidebar template for each post type that there is on my site.

Normally, in ‘vanilla’ :slight_smile: Wordpress, I could use a conditional like so:

<?php if(is_blog()) get_sidebar('custom'); else get_sidebar();?>

In Sage, however, the displaying of the sidebar is controlled by ConditionalTagCheck class.

How should I go about displaying differnt sidebars per post type?

Would the solution be to filter the Sage wrapper as per ‘Filtering the Wrapper’ ?

Hi luqo33,
you can use a conditional statement right in /templates/sidebar.php


if (is_blog()) {
} else {

or use a plugin like:

I belive that depends how many different sidebars you need to manage.

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