Customising Material Design Lite


I’ve swapped out bootstrap for material-design-lite. Everything works ok, other than the colors variables aren’t updating the theme or reflecting in the css build.

I’ve placed the below material-design-lite variables within the “common/variables” file.

$color-primary: “103,58,182”;
$color-primary-dark: “82,45,159”;
$color-primary-light: “209,196,233”;
$color-accent: “76, 175, 80”;

And installed material-design-lite as below;
bower install --save bootstrap-material-design

One other note is that the link to the material-design-lite scss doesn’t appear within the wiredep bower:css block. Sage seems to automatically add both the JS and CSS within the dist folder when running gulp. Is this normal?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Stephen

Check this: