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Customizing wp-admin page url

Hi all,

I’m trying to change the url into

I have tried the following:

  • Rename that /wp/wp-admin folder into /custom-admin, then finding & replacing it all, but it has proven to lose css styles and I do not wish to do alter the /wp core files
  • Adding the blocks of code from codex forums on this topic (this link takes you to one of the many pages that show the same code )
  • Using WPS Hide Login Plugin

…and none of them work.
The last straw was when I tested that same plugin and it works fine on a standard wordpress site because it adheres to the standard file structure.

I am assuming there should be a bedrock way of doing this, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance

Could I ask why you want to do this?

For branding purposes & security reasons.

Hi there,

Did you find out how to achieve it?


Not to bump too hard - but wondering if there is any solution to the above for Bedrock/Roots users?

+1 to this. Curious to know possible to change wp-admin url without breaking anything.

iThemes Security plugin has a built-in feature for this! Can’t remember if you can also get rid of the /wp/ though…

Hello, guys. Struggling with this as well. Has anyone found the answer for it?

That’s obscurity, not security. I’m not saying obscurity is bad, but it’s not the same thing as security.

obscurity IS security. The fact that every single bot knows what the wp login url is is a security issue at this point. His point is valid. It should be a part of standard practice to be able to change the default url for login to WP sites.

This is a feature that Roots really needs to look into. Using alternate plugins is not an ideal solution at all.