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Customizing wp-admin page url


Hi all,

I’m trying to change the url into

I have tried the following:

  • Rename that /wp/wp-admin folder into /custom-admin, then finding & replacing it all, but it has proven to lose css styles and I do not wish to do alter the /wp core files
  • Adding the blocks of code from codex forums on this topic (this link takes you to one of the many pages that show the same code )
  • Using WPS Hide Login Plugin

…and none of them work.
The last straw was when I tested that same plugin and it works fine on a standard wordpress site because it adheres to the standard file structure.

I am assuming there should be a bedrock way of doing this, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance


Could I ask why you want to do this?


For branding purposes & security reasons.


Hi there,

Did you find out how to achieve it?



Not to bump too hard - but wondering if there is any solution to the above for Bedrock/Roots users?


+1 to this. Curious to know possible to change wp-admin url without breaking anything.


iThemes Security plugin has a built-in feature for this! Can’t remember if you can also get rid of the /wp/ though…