Data Base Path

Hi I just set my local with trellis using the example project

I’m working on win10, after run vagrant up all runs perfect I can see my site on and the wp admin also.

My question is how I can acces to my DB I use to work with WAMPP and I go directly to http://localhost/phpmyadmin

I also want to know how is the best way to work with the DB when I have development, staging and production.
Is only one DB and sync all the time?


There’s been a couple different discussions about this already. Have you tried searching the forum?

@ben thanks for the answeart, I was reading in the forum but I din’t find nothing yet.

I will keep searching if I can get with the solution thx again :slight_smile:

Here’s a discourse thread I remember about accessing db on Windows:


Thanks for the help I get now how I can work with the my DB