Database Management through different environments

Hi guys, i am about to try bedrock for a pet project i have and i was wondering how did you manage/handle the databases.

Let me explain better through an example:

  • I have a running e-commerce
  • I decide to turn that vanilla WP into bedrock for that e-com
  • I create a staging and dev site so i can make a few changes to my site.
  • In the meantime the production site will have changes in the db (order status, new users, etc)

What will happen to the database when i try to “merge” sites from dev/Staging to production?

Will it replace the original or will it try to merge it?

I’m asking because i know that asking for a git-like feature for database is not super realistic right now, and this part doesn’t seem to be documented very well or with such details, so i’d need to know how it works to know how to apply it to a project.

Bedrock doesn’t include any database management features, so it won’t don’t anything w/r/t your database. All WordPress tools I’m familiar with for managing databases around will replace the other DB on transfer. I’ve seen a couple try to execute some kind of merge but afaik none have been very successful. Generally once a site is live, if you want to change the content on it you need to do so manually (or write a script that changes only the things you need).

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