Database migration paths release/date_string vs current

By default, Migrate DB Pro seems to suggest replacing




But I’m thinking we should be updating the replacement string to point to current, as the specified release path is not expected to be a permanently existing destination.

Is this an accurate assessment?

Also, as much as I like Delicious Brains and this plugin, my clients don’t end up using it themselves and I’m wondering what other methods, tools, approaches the community is using these days. Would love some recommendations.

Take a look at Sync Script for WordPress Database and Uploads | Roots :slight_smile:

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Does this script really only work with Bedrock? I’m very interested, but the company I work at has their own structure.

If you’re handy with modifying some strings in bash scripts that assume the Bedrock folder structure, you could possibly adapt the script to work without Bedrock — WP-CLI configured with aliases for development and remote environments is required, though