DDEV installation wp-admin can't find themes or plugins

After installing Bedrock via DDEV according to the docs, I was able to access the wp-admin control panel and go through the installation process to create a user/install WordPress. After going to Appearance > Themes in the control panel, I noticed “The theme directory “twentytwentyfour” does not exist.” (which also appears on the front end of the site), although twentytwentyfour does exist in /web/app/themes.

As an additional test, I installed a plugin via composer (composer require wpackagist-plugin/advanced-custom-fields). This process went successfully and I can see the plugin inside /web/app/plugins, however it’s not showing as installed (empty list) in the WordPress control panel.

I can’t reproduce this on a fresh DDEV install after following our docs

Since you’re using DDEV, you need to be running ddev composer — not composer.


Hey, thanks for testing this. If anyone reaches here by a search, I think this may have been happening because I messed up installing via DDEV initially, but didn’t delete the DDEV project before trying to recreate it via the docs. After deleting my project directory and ddev delete <myproject>, then going through the steps in the docs to re-install, it’s working correctly.