Dealing with bower packages that are missing bower.json

How do I get to add a bower package that is missing bower.json file? The package am trying to add is flexslider-scss

Some bower packages do not have the correct metadata. To be automatically injected a bower package needs the main property defined in its bower.json. You can either

Pull request the repo and add the correct metadata.
Use the unofficial overrides option in bower.json

    "overrides": {
        "BOWER-PACKAGE": {
            "main": ['js/file.js']
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Not really a Sage question. Also, if there is no bower.json then it’s not really a Bower package.

However, as pointed out at, you can bower install and use the Github URL. But you will need to add all files manually in manifest.json. You could also see if the package maintainer is open to adding a Bower file.

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Thanks guys got it working!

Hey mate could you share your solution on how to install flexslider?

I just posted a fix I used on a similar question: Any way to include a specific Bower file into main.js?

That was after I couldn’t get the override solution to work in my favor with isotope plugin. It was late, and I am impatient!

Maybe not the cleanest fix, but it works soundly. You would just have to manually update the manually configured script, in this case isotope when needed.