Debugging at roots environment


i dont know if its a real roots related quuestion, but slowly i am runnig crazy…haha. I try to run the debugger at my environment (trelli/bedrock/sage). I use:

Unfortunately Win 10
xdebug extension for chrome (set to phpstorm)

Installed Php 7.3.8 and added
zend_extension = C:\php\ext\php_xdebug-2.7.2-7.3-vc15-nts-x86_64.dll
to the php.ini

I have attached a screenshot.
I know that doesn`t seem to be a roots question, but maybe here is someone who had similar issues and can help me.
That would be great.


i have also set the xdebug_remote_autostart: 1
in group_vars/development/php.yml

but i dont know if it is as good at a windows system

i think . that might be also be a path problem

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