Debugging PHP w/ Xdebug videos

It would be helpful to indicate which Videos are complete and “ready” for download. Only the intro video is working. Recent email ad “I’m very excited to share that Nathaniel’s screencast series on Debugging PHP with Xdebug has been fully recorded and edited! He’ll be going back to add some final touches, but if you purchase now you can download the whole series immediately, and also take advantage of the 25% pre-sale price” is misleading! Can’t download the whole series immediately.

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Hey, Pogo!

Apologies for the technical difficulties. The videos are done, but we had an issue with the files on the server. We’ve been making some updates to how these downloads are managed and I’m in the process of re-uploading them to the server. My internet isn’t crazy fast, so it’s taking some time. I’ll be sending out an update email with links to the videos once this process is complete! It should be within the next day or so. I appreciate your patience in the process :blush:

And just to be 100%, the videos are done and edited and viewable, I’m just re-uploading.

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Hi Nathan:
Much obliged for the fast response. I suspected that you were having problems with the server based on the error message. Have a happy / safe 4th of July!

Hey again, Pogo!

The videos have been re-uploaded and I just sent out an update email with links to download. Holler again if you have any issues!

Hi Nathan:

All files were successfully downloaded. Thanks! These videos appear to be aimed at Mac OSX users. Homebrew package manger and Homebrew Cask (GUI) are Mac only. What alternative apps do you recommend for Windows?

Check out:

Thanks for that reference, @knowler! @pogo unfortunately I’m not familiar with windows set ups, and the series was definitely done in mind with *nix systems. I’m sorry if this is an issue! If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, hit up: