Define('WP_ENV', 'development'); Needed anymore?

Re: Using Sage without Bedrock and the docs…

Is define('WP_ENV', 'development'); needed anymore in 8.0 if not on Bedrock? . I do remember in earlier versions I would pull errors. However, i’m testing out Sage without it and it seems to be working well.


Yes and no, I believe this is the only place it’s really used now:

It’s mostly used to load the revisioned assets.

Thanks. I did notice that in the theme config file there is a fallback conditional setting to production for WP_ENV so I was thinking I could control this here.

That “if” statement has been altered in the latest release to strip out using WP_ENV's value as a condition. In other words, it’s now just if (array_key_exists($file, $manifest->get())). I’m new to this project, so I don’t know when this change was made. It seems that if we’re not using Bedrock then WP_ENV doesn’t matter at all, at least that’s what the code indicates.