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Hello, this is my first post here :slight_smile:

After installing the WP Migrate DB Pro plugin, I wanted to activate my license to unlock all the plugin options. To do this, I configured in the file group_vars/all/vault.yml a WPMDB_LICENCE variable with my license value. So the file looks like this:

# Variables to accompany `wordpress_env_defaults` in `group_vars/all/helpers.yml`
# Note: These values can be overriden by `vault_wordpress_sites.*.env`

After doing a ‘vagrant reload‘, the key appears in the .env file.

So normally my key is supposed to be in the wp-config.php file read by WordPress, right? However, once the plugin is enabled in the WordPress admin, the key is not recognized. How is this possible? Did I do something wrong?

Thank you for your help.

WPMDB_LICENCE is available to you as an environment variable but you still need to define it in your config


Config::define('WPMDB_LICENCE', env('WPMDB_LICENCE'));

Thank you very much!

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